Children With Fevers

A 2-year-old came in with a
104.7-degree fever. We had to
get her fever down fast. We
gave her a full dose of Tylenol
and moistened her chest with
towels and fanned her dry
over and over. Her fever came
down to 102 degrees after a
few minutes.

I didn’t find any signs when
I looked at her throat and ears,
but when I looked at her chest
I saw a telltale rash, she had
Fifths Disease, a virus which
goes away by itself. I told her
dad to keep her on ibuprofen
every six hours while she had
a fever, check that the fever
was less than a 102.5 degrees
or take her to the ER, give
her plenty of extra liquids and
follow up tomorrow.

Fever can be dangerous, but
if you know the cause and can
keep it down with ibuprofen
and fluids, you can safely
comfort your child. Some
children have bacterial ear,
throat or urinary infections
so we give them antibiotics
also. Others have coughs,
which usually are from cold
viruses but we may give
them steroids, albuterol or
antibiotics, or have vomiting
from stomach viruses and we
give them antacids and nausea
medicine so they can drink
fluids. As long as their fever
is under 102.5 degrees and
they are drinking fluids, we
can send them home with you
to watch over.

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