Real Changes in 2016

I’d never have thunk it. With
the beginning of the new year,
we’ve begun to see some real
changes — and some were really
unthinkable. Last week, our
councilman Felipe Fuentes announced
that he would not run
for council office again next year.

WOW! That sure sets a precedent
for an office that people usually
win and stay in until they term
out or die.

Let me get this straight in my
mind: Fuentes served as chief of
staff to City Councilman Alex
Padilla, then became a state assemblyman
and then became our
city councilman. That’s not bad
for someone as young as Fuentes.

One thing for sure is that he
didn’t care if his actions were
controversial. He did what he
thought had to be done, and for
those inbreds in the neighborhood
council who thought that
THEY controlled city hall, he
kicked them out. Now that was

In the backwash, two local residents,
Nancy Woodruff and Bonnie
Corwin, have already filed the
paperwork to run for Fuentes’ seat
in 2017. I wish them well; they
are following in the footsteps of
Patty Lopez, who upset the applecart
by doing some old-fashioned
door-knocking, and she won.

But back to the neighborhood
council: the inbreds are just moving
to another location. The Cleghorn
Machine, which has controlled
the community with its
backdoor dealings and hired hit
man, have now slithered into the
S-T Chamber of Commerce. I
guess their new mantra is, “If you
can’t beat them, destroy them!”
By unlawfully using $2,000 in
community funds to bail out the
bankrupt chamber and agreeing
to pay $600 a month for the use
of a small part of the chamber office,
the STNC has committed
themselves to paying for the entire
cost of the chamber office so
that the Cindy and Mark can still
have an office. And they don’t
even bat an eye at the concept,
“conflict of interest.” Yes, boys
and girls, corruption and lies just
never stop in Sunland-Tujunga.

There’s going to be a ghost
neighborhood council election in
April that almost nobody knows
about. It’s hard to apply to run
for office if no one announces it.
Once again, the Cleghorn Machine
has reared its fat head. Oh,

On the brighter side, we have
four new businesses to fill in for
those that just shut their doors.
That’s life. But someone, someday,
will actually wonder why we
don’t have any of the fun things
that we used to have. If you’re
one of them, just ask me. Its interesting

And while you’re at it, have another
glass of our water!

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