Flue Season is here

Starting now and for the next month, chances are highest your cold symptoms will turn out to be flu. And many of you are at the clinic, with that painful cough for a week. There’s not much to be done once you already have it. Many want antibiotics, but they don’t help unless you have come down with pneumonia whichflu can cause especially among the elderly, children, diabetics or COPD patients and for them flu can be life-threatening.

There are two ways to prevent the pain and sickness of it for the next six weeks. One is to come to the clinic as soon as you are catching something like a cold; you may just have a sore throat and feel tired. There is flu medicine but it only works the first two days you have the illness. Taken early, it can lessen the worst of the complications and pain. But there is no substitute for a flu shot. And no—you cannot get the flu from a flu shot, no matter how many rumors you hear. Even now, getting a shot at the clinic is still the best way to protect yourself and everyone around you who may not be able to survive flu if you give it to them. So I hope you come to the clinic for a flu shot before flu gives you a painful cough and you are so exhausted that you come to the clinic for an antibiotic. At that point, it probably won’t help you, and it won’t save the vulnerable people around you although it may lessen the effects

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