Masked Gunman Robs Crow’s Nest

By: David DeMullé

The Crow’s Nest was robbed Sunday January 17 at approximately 11 p.m. It showed up in the “spotcrime” database as a robbery. Supposedly, one masked gun person with a gun entered wearing a pullover cap and robbed the cash register and two patrons. Very little information has been released as the LAPD is seeking witnesses that may have been driving by at the time of the incident. What was of interest is that The Foothills Paper was alerted to the robbery by a reader that in Canada who relayed it. Here is the text: “Hey Bob, Heather just told me that the Crows Nest got robbed at gunpoint and all the customers got robbed inside. Have you heard anything???” “Hi Doc, Just got an email from A**e and one of her friends said the Crow’s Nest was robbed at gun point. She is up visiting her Mom in Canada so can you fill me in on a few details? Her house is all locked up but no one is there so she is a little concerned. Bob” Sunland-Tujunga has gone international — and not in a good way

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