STNC Elections

It’s getting time for the STNC elections again, and the Cleghorn machine is out there pumping up their stooges to take their places. Three of the candidates that I take to task is Cindy Cleghorn herself as well as Nina Royal and Mark Seigel. In the past three elections, these three truly dedicated individuals have managed to stay in power in spite of their contributions and participation in destroying the credibility of the STNC.

Remember Tomi-Lyn Bowling, the chairman of the Outreach Committee? Ms. Bowling ran the bogus “Best of Sunland-Tujunga Awards” for three years, doling out the awards to her friends and fellow church members. Why is this important you ask? It’s because Ms. Cindy okayed it and allowed it to happen. And it gets better.

Mark Seigel is the one who broke into the logistics manager’s office and stole the ballots. They tried to protect Ms. Bowling by “losing” the ballots and later saying that no one could see them because of the HIPAA requirements. Boy oh boy, did she think you people were stupid.

Then we have Ms. Royal who was elected for three terms as STNC Treasurer. That’s not bad considering that Ms. Royal has not the slightest idea on how to keep the STNC books. In fact, she is so inept that she had to have Ed Rock (a city employee), Bill Skiles and Mark Seigel do the books for her. It’s a sorry state of affairs when the STNC board members, lie, cheat and steal and no one cares enough to take them to task.

That is the way the STNC has been running for the past three terms: corruption and downright fraud with them passing the positions around their little group like cookies at a marijuana growers convention.

Oh, did I forget to mention that these same people are also on the board of the chamber of commerce and have cut a sweetheart deal for themselves? Did you know that the STNC is paying $600 for 80 square feet of office space with the chamber that only pays $600 for the whole 500 square-foot office? And that the minutes attesting to that have not been published by the STNC Secretary, which happens to be Ms. Cindy Cleghorn? Are you following me yet?

The STNC’s current board is corrupt and nobody cared about it until now.

This year, there is a whole new group that wants to make the STNC credible again. I want you to check the list over carefully and check the qualifications of those running. This is the election that will make or break our community, and it’s up to you — the voters — to select those who have the ability to make our community whole again.

This is really your last chance, and please: Don’t blame it on the water!

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