Cindy Cleghorn Destroying Local Businesses

Cindy Cleghorn

Cindy Cleghorn

We just received a notice from Arnie (who is running for STNC president) and Larry (co-owner of Josie’s Discount shop): Julie who runs Sunland Printing (a competitor of Cindy’s C&M Printing) got fined along with Art who owns the Crows Nest. We’re talking thousands of dollars that they have lost!

The Foothills Paper has been fighting attempts to destroy Sunland-Tunjunga’s commerce and lifestyle for more than nine years. As a community newspaper owned by a longterm resident and business owner, we have informed everyone who would listen that she would do anything to get her way.

Going back just four years, she has filed petty complaints with the city against a number of businesses:

• OSS-Spectrum • The Safe Haven Shelter System

• The Great Caesar’s

• Joselito’s

• Mi Casita

• The Wired Cafe

• Fred-T’s BBQ • Sunland Printing

• The Crows Nest • Kathy Anthony (Kathy’s Kreations)

• Josie’s Discount Store • The Sunland Fighting Club

• The Commerce Corner Cafe

This is your chamber of “commerce” in action! Now is the time to stop these attacks and protect our businesses. Call Cindy and tell her you don’t like it: (818) 353-7135.

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