Justin Thompson: A Life Cut Short

’m always gonna keep you in my heart. The years went by and so many while we were in the dark. Those days were filled with struggle but still there was a reason. Those dark days made the brighter ones even more special. I remember that when times were at their worst, you made things that much more tolerable.

Your kind heart always made the difference. And it’s a lie to say that you were always such a good person. Yet it’s a lie to say you were so evil. We get caught somewhere in the middle.

But that’s the point of love for a friend: we accept each other’s faults because we care for one another. We take the pain, forgive and keep going knowing there’s more pain to come. Justin, you are my brother in life and in heaven. All the bad days are paid for twice over with your ability to make me smile. And soon enough, we’ll meet again to raise hell up there in heaven.

Your brother till the end,

Tony Brambila

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