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Greg Gomes of Shadow Hills is an actor and musician. He has been living in the community for nearly a year now. He was born in Hudson, New York and grew up in Springfield, New Jersey. After high school in Phoenix, he attended Northern Arizona University for one year. He joined his first band, and school took a backseat. The following year, he attended a community college and although his second semester was his best, he started entertaining in bars and that beckoned him away.

An ad in the Arizona Republic for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts was an inspiration, and at age 21 he packed his 1981 Celica and moved to Los Angeles to attend the college’s summer school program.

On the second day, Instructor John Peck (rest in peace) paid him a complement on his singing, and it made Greg fly with happiness and would alter his destiny.

On the summer school’s final day, Gomes performed a scene on stage and the high was intense; he had never felt anything like it in his life. The school’s administrator told Greg, “It looks like you’ve been bitten by the bug.”

In 2016, Gomes focused on his mission to lift and inspire people of all ages with his work and art. Some highlights are: a trending YouTube video, “John Galt’s Speech,” with more than 60,000 views; a role as a 1931 Chicago mob boss in his 2015 demo reel; and his new 2016 iTunes single and video for the song, “Give Me Peace,” which was written in Shadow Hills. He is busy completing an Album titled “Above The Clouds” and another album titled “Born To Win.” The “Born To Win” single should be available to download at the time of this publication.

With regards to the community, he patronizes the town’s many businesses and does his best to stay “local” for his needs. He says he’s seen a resurgence of new business in the town in the past year. A close friend told him that when she was a kid that there was a movie theater in Shadow Hills. He would love to see the town get one again in the hope his movies will one day play there. He says he appreciates the many cultures in the area, and he believes in everyone working together to make a better community. He wishes to reach out to fellow industry professionals in the foothills, and his goal is to get his mission statement working on a large scale.

He can be reached at for any inquires and new friends. He would like to thank The Foothill Paper for graciously telling his story and thank its readers for their time and support.

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