Diabetes Help is Available at Your Urgent Care Clinic

by Sam Samalin, PA-C

Diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar. Too many patients in our medical system can’t control their diabetes and have serious problems due to it. This is in almost all cases avoidable with good care.

Come by the clinic to be checked; a simple test will tell if you have or aren’t controlling diabetes. Diabetes is controlled by avoiding sugary food and taking enough medicine.

Here at the clinic we safely increase your medicine dose until you get control, a process which should take not more than months. We teach you how to avoid sugar in your diet and to take charge of your own care and safely increase your medicine doses yourself to get your A1C, your diabetes level, below 7 which is the goal. So come by and join a medical team, your doctor and you: the empowered patient who will confidently carry out the team plan with the help of regular checkups.

Here is some of how we’ll do it: we teach you how to make less sugary food choices and may start you on diabetes medicine. When taking medicine, never skip meals as your sugar may get too low — if so, you will feel shaky, sweaty, nauseous, light-headed or confused and you’ll need to eat immediately. Take your morning blood sugar and keep it in a log. Gradually increase your medicine and make regular checkups at clinic.

That’s the beginning of the knowledge you need to safely fix your diabetes problem. Check future columns for more.

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