Paint It Black

Dear Editor,

Has anyone noticed the signs painted-over in black at the Slater Realty building (next to the old Denny’s)? After 40 years in business, I was also turned in by Cindy Cleghorn for my signs. I can think of more than 15-25 or more businesses that were turned in over the years that were not mentioned (in your last issue’s “View From the Rock”). Is she our very own sign-Nazi of Sunland-Tujunga?

Los Angeles does not just drive by and select businesses to site and fine. Someone has to make the effort to call them and turn the property in. Then, the department comes out and fines the property owner — in my case $430.00 — then gives you ten (10) days to correct whatever problem your sign may have. If it’s not done within 10 days, you will then have more fines and fees to pay.

The property owner can go down to the city and pull all the records and complaints on the subject property, and if you pull the file, you can see who turned you in.

On my property, over the years, I made two major additions to the property and no one from the Department of Building and Safety ever mentioned my signs. I had lots of inspections also.

In this historic, long recession, it is amazing that someone would try to hurt the small businesses in town. We have so many that have closed and the new ones that have tried to start and fold in a year or two.

Cindy Cleghorn has been a member of the Board on the Sunland-Tujunga Neighborhood Council for at least eight years or more. She has also served as the president. She has also been on the Board of the Sunland-Tujunga Chamber of Commerce, and served as president. The type of actions that she has demonstrated are not in conjunction with helping the business community of Sunland-Tujunga. She could have called the business owners and given them a heads-up to what may be offending her about their signs prior to making the phone call to the city.

I have also noticed that most (if not all) of the businesses turned in were not members of the Chamber of Commerce. Does this have any relation to her actions? I personally served for 34 years on the Chamber of Commerce Board and I am also a past president. In the years I was involved, we made many major improvements that are still benefiting our community.

I chose black paint for my sign because I truly am in mourning for our community and hope more people see what’s going on and become involved to really try to make a positive difference. Kindest regards, Joan Ordelheide Slater

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