Major Cloud Computing Company Helping Hospitals to Enhance Communication with Patients

Cloud computing has been helping businesses enhance their productivity for the past decade. Now, a renowned cloud company is offering its services to the healthcare industry in hopes that it will improve communication between doctors and patients.

According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Box, a secure file sharing company based in Redwood City, CA, recently announced its new cloud-based healthcare solution called Box for Healthcare.

The cloud system includes a viewer for the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image format, which allows patients to easily access x-rays and medical notes sent by doctors. Since viewing such medical information is a heavily regulated practice, Box needed to make the cloud system FDA-approved before it could make an official announcement.

The company spent three years developing the cloud to meet the FDA’s stringent standards. During this time, Box learned that many hospitals still heavily rely on fax machines. The cloud will soon enable doctors to discreetly share medical documents without wasting paper.

“We have learned that while they are still very interested in moving data and collaborating, about 61 percent of their workflow is still very dependent on physical faxes,” said Missy Krasner, managing director of healthcare and life sciences at Box.

X-rays can be taken as quickly as 30 frames per second, which adds up to a substantial waste of paper if each frame is printed and sent individually. With the FDA-approved DICOM Viewer, doctors can send x-rays to other hospitals across the country in a cost-efficient manner.

“It accelerates the ability for people to get access to care and hospitals to make more money,” Krasner added.

According to Business Wire, Box for Healthcare will include several other key tools that will improve the data sharing and transfer issues that healthcare providers have experienced in the past.

Among these other features is a content management platform, which allows doctors to collaborate on a patient’s treatment by sharing their findings in real-time. Eventually, Box expects hospitals to gradually wean themselves off paper documents in favor of cloud computing solutions.

Box has been mostly involved with workflow management solutions for offices, and this is their first venture into the healthcare industry. Now that it has an FDA-approved device, many people believe that the sky is the limit for the burgeoning company.

Box Healthcare likely will take a few years to get off the ground, but hospitals around the country are champing at the bit to sample this new technology.

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