La Cañada-Flintridge Ortho Guild Luncheon

by Arlene Massiminoé

The March 3 meeting of the La Cañada Flintridge Orthopaedic Guild (LCFOG) was held at the home of Linda Labrie, guild sustainer. MaryLou Morrison, sustainer, was in attendance also. Luncheon was provided by Labrie and longtime member Elinor Bunn who also acted a co-hostess.

Bunn joined LCFOG in 1966 and served as president in 1978. She has held several positions while in the guild and continues to be a very active member. She has volunteered more than 4,000 hours at Orthopaedic Hospital now Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC) where more than 60,000 children are treated every year in their various clinics. For her gracious devotion to LCFOG over the past 50 years, she was presented with red roses as a small token of appreciation by past president, Marie Baker. Maria Gero was also officially recognized as a full member having completed her provisional period and was presented with a plant by Marie Gilhooly.

OIC’s Annual Volunteer Recognition Ceremony will be held April 25 in conjunction with the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) on OIC’s downtown campus. Joan Cleven, president, will present the guild’s check for $21,000 to OIC at that ceremony. Members of LCFOG will be recognized for their service on that day also. The first surgery at ASC, currently the only stand-alone outpatient surgery center in Los Angeles County dedicated exclusively to pediatric orthopaedic care, is scheduled for May 9 and will be performed by Dr. Mauricio Silva, the medical director.

Mary Beth Perrine, senior director, community outreach and liaison to LCFOG reported the gala, “Stand for Kids,” will be held on 20th Century Fox Studios’ lot on June 18 to top off OIC’s fund-raising efforts for the ASC. America Ferrara has been signed as Mistress of Ceremonies. More information will be available to LCFOG members as the date approaches.

Perrine told of a young man who sustained a basketball injury to his knee and being in severe pain was taken to a doctor who sent him to a local facility for treatment. The knee was stabilized but not treated secondary to the fact that the patient was under-insured. Fortunately the family learned of OIC and the child was seen by Dr. Anthony Scaduto who diagnosed a knee fracture and compartment syndrome, a limb- and life-threatening situation. Surgery was performed at the OIC–UCLA center in Santa Monica. After an overnight stay in the hospital, the patient’s only complaint was “You shaved my leg”. We call that a success story.

Women who are interested in LCFOG and their work with OIC and perhaps other “patient stories” are asked to contact Marie Gilhooly at (818) 249-5262 for further information. Come to a few meetings and meet some dedicated women who enjoy being a part of other success stories.


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