Neighborhood Council Election

Well, boys and girls, this coming neighborhood council election will be the craziest that we’ve ever had. The community is polarized and if the candidates could be seen from space, it’d look like an “ant colony” here in the vortex. Alliances are being made and broken, candidates’ feelings are getting hurt and for the first time in S-T history, the truth is out there for everybody to see.

The Cleghorn machine is breaking up and people are starting to think for themselves. Yes, it’s going to be interesting. And what will make it the most interesting is the fact that one side is made up of rednecks and the other side Armenians. For the most part, the rednecks are pretty scattered and relying on the machine to guide their efforts. The Armenian “slate,” on the other hand, is well organized, comprised of educated people and seem to be able to work together to create an effective neighborhood council.

I have to chuckle — maybe even chortle — when I hear the machine’s people saying with all sincerity, “They don’t have any experience; how can they hope to run the council?” Thank God for them having no experience. The machine’s “experienced” minions have stolen city money, given out bogus awards and spent most of their budget on temp employees and over-priced toys for their own use. These same “experienced” people destroyed the CERTSERV programs, ruined the Winter Festival, siphoned off city funds to their friends and above all, pissed off the CD-7 councilman so much that he kicked them out of the North Valley City Hall. Yup, that is what “experience” can do for you. Add to that the fact that our prima donna, super whoop-de-do council officer Cindy Cleghorn has been discovered to be calling city enforcement on those people and companies that she feels slighted her.

Yes, boys and girls, if Wikipedia ever has a category for a “Redneck Despot,” we got one right here. Small business, homeless and community activists that upset her were summarily driven out of town.

So now it’s time for change. As one wag once said, “The council is broken; either fix it or scrap it.” I think you can fix it by voting for these candidates:

Arnie Abramyan – President

Angel Angel – 1st VP

Anthony Rodriguez – 2nd VP

Aris Hovasapian – Secretary

Shooshig Susan Avakian – Treasurer

Pat Kramer & Kathy Anthony – Region 1 Representative

Kathrine Juarez & Adrineh Betcheri – Region 2 Reps

Rick Ramirez & David Barron – Region 3 Representative

Pati Potter – Region 4 Representative

Stakeholder Group Reps
Jon Von Gunten, Edwin Miranian, Marlene Hitt, Julie Ann Cuddihy, John Candler, Amelia Anderson, Eve Sinclair.

Good luck, and no matter who wins, you can always blame it on the water!

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