Third-Grader Creates Computer Game for School

by David DeMullé

When David Tang, 9, a third-grade student from Apperson Street Elementary School in Sunland, was assigned an animal project report, his teacher, Mrs. Harris, couldn’t imagine that the gifted student would also create a computer game in the style of the TV game show “Jeopardy” to teach the other students about sea otters.

His father came in on the day the report was due. He asked if he could install on the classroom computer a game that David had created using Scratch Software. By doing so, the whole class could learn more about sea otters.

Apperson students had already learned a bit of coding through the Hour of Code, a Nation-wide computer science coding event currently sweeping the nation. David took it to the next level and, with the help of his family, created a computer game for his classmates which he turned it in as part of his report.

“I am more than proud of him,” said Harris, who teaches the Apperson’s third grade gifted class.

The young Tang is from Shadow Hills and he loves math, science and reading. He also enjoys solving and creating computer puzzles in his spare time

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