Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Buy $11 Million ‘Temporary’ House in LA

Kris Jenner’s house just got a little more spacious. After reports had surfaced that the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner family suggested she wasn’t sure if Kim and Kanye would ever move out of her house, they decided to move into an $11-million Bel-Air home that they had bought back in 2013.

According to, Kim and Kanye have already moved themselves and their two children into the new house, but the move isn’t expected to last very long. About 45 million people move every year, on average, and the popular entertainment couple are expected to move two times in a matter of months.

Reports indicate that Kim and Kanye are merely waiting on the completion of the house they’ve been working on for about two years, located in Hidden Hills. That house is expected to be done within a couple of months, and the couple already listed the Bel Air home they most recently moved into on the market, priced at $20 million.

It’s believed that the two have already put a couple of personal touches on their future abode by tagging the left side with “I [heart] Kanye” and “I [heart] Kim” on the right. The three-acre, $20 million piece of property in Hidden Hills has already undergone a vineyard renovation, “two swimming pools, two spas, two built-in barbecue setups, a pool house, three fountains and a 1,050-square-foot entertainment pavilion,” according to

The couple, who are constantly in the news, seems to be doing just fine. Kanye recently caused quite a stir on the internet after a series of Tweets in which he claimed to be $53 million in debt and solicited Mark Zuckerberg, among others, for money to finance some of his business ventures.

News of the couple’s most recent move out of mama’s house was first reported by TMZ, who spotted a moving truck on the Bel Air property.

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