An Open Letter to Rotary

Dear Rotary President, I resigned from the Sunland-Tujunga / Shadow Hills (STSH) Rotary Club in November, 2015. And included a request that my name be removed from everything Rotary. You have not removed my name.

My resignation was notarized because I want to be held harmless should the STSH Rotary Club continue to have financial troubles, including the money that seems to be owed regarding the Hometown Heroes banners in town here.

I believe it is owed to a local retired Marine nurse, who has done tours in Iraq. Amelia Anderson resigned in September of 2015. Past presidents Richard and Susan Stewart both resigned last month.

Word is that the STSH Rotary Club is down to five members. Never have I seen worse leadership. Never have I worked with people so ethically bankrupt.

I’m writing a story about it, and expect it to published soon after it’s finished. (My late husband’s family owned the New Yorker and I have good friends there who work on the literary side.) The tentative title is “Death by Rotary.”

Again: please remove my name from anything having to do with Rotary.

Thank you.
Candace Laughlin,
STSH Rotary Club, six years,
four as Secretary.
Club Rotarian of the Year,
Crescenta- Canada Rotary
Club ‘95-’97;
Club Rotarian of the Year,
reference: Joe Kroening,
owner, Andy’s Transfer,
long-time leader
of Crescenta-Cañada Club

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