Another Traffic Fatality

Driver claims sun blinded him as he hit pedestrian

On March 22, there was another traffic fatality in Sunland-Tujunga, this time at the intersection of Newhome and Sherman Grove in Sunland.

Jae Hee Song was walking across the intersection when she was struck by a neighbor going east-bound. The driver reported that as he came to the intersection, the sun blinded him and he did not see Ms. Song crossing. Song was transported to a local hospital by neighbors where she passed away.

It was just two weeks ago that Kathleen Yukl was killed in a traffic accident on Foothill Boulevard. The driver claimed to have been blinded by the early morning sun and apparently didn’t see her crossing the intersection on her motorcycle.

If you look back at all the “Wrecks of the Week” that the Foothills Paper has posted through the years, you will see that the majority of them were caused by driver distraction. The facts are not yet revealed as to how fast the driver involved in this recent traffic fatality was going, but it obviously was too fast for the conditions that morning.

Please drive slowly and carefully, and as a pedestrian, just because you have the right of way, shouldn’t make you “dead-right.”

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