Bella’s Paralegal Services

My name is Lynda Lepe, and I am a family law paralegal. I have been a resident of La Crescenta for many years.

I specialize in divorces, child custody, child support, restraining orders and guardianships. I work with many clients who cannot afford to pay expensive attorney fees. Many of my clients do not have the funds to pay high retainers for attorneys.

I can offer low-cost attorney representation. My business came to be after I found myself in a court battle many years ago. I was dragged into court by a cruel family member. I had suffered many years of abuse by this person and his next step was to try to steal my child legally from me. It took me a couple of years but we won our case and my child was no longer forced by law to spend any time with the abuser.

I discovered that my situation was not uncommon. I went to school and received my certificate as a paralegal. I have since been working in family law with attorneys. I am committed to helping those who are in need of legal help.

I cannot stress the fact that many people are afraid of the legal system but we must trust our situations with people who care and listen and can provide us with the knowledge of our rights.

I am a paralegal who has experienced the court system and can understand. I can help by preparing documents necessary to initiate or respond to your legal matter. I am here to give many the opportunity to find the legal help they need and to help them know there are options — just as I was given a choice many years ago.

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