Craig Chereek

With the dawning of a new CD, the sun set one last time for local Foothills folk songwriter and Vietnam Vet, Craig Chereek.

Friends from around the globe adored Craig, not only for his extraordinary musical talent, but for his cheerful demeaner, intellectual astuteness, and commitment to environmental protection and basic human rights. He had a way of facilitating those on all sides of issues to find a common ground. Craig played acoustic guitar for 53 years, having traveled around America playing local clubs. Mentored by “Nature Boy” writer Eden Ahbez in his early days, Craig adopted a tender picking style, writing songs about love and justice.

Craig’s bucket list was short: finish the second Craig & Debbie CD, have a listening party, and marry his musical partner, Debbie Ethridge. Although Craig and Debbie did not have a chance to tie the knot, she says they were married in spirit and that’s all that really matters.

The second CD is finished and set for release in the very near future. The first CD was given a very positive review by our paper about a year ago. A beautiful, emotional listening party took place at his home in La Crescenta last Friday, as he rested under hospice care. Friends and family entered his room one by one, praying and sharing their sentiments. He then passed away moments after the party ended.

Though the community deeply mourns Craig’s departure from this life, we know he’s up there in Heaven teaching the angels how to pick n’ grin.Chereek.

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