Salem Lutheran School Opens 8th Grade

Multiple-award winning and WASC-Accredited K-7 school expands to meet growing demand

Salem Lutheran School announced today that final plans for adding 8th grade to the current Jk-7th grade program has been completed. Salem introduced 7th grade this past September, 2015. The rigorous 7th grade program was designed to not only prepare the students for high school, but as well as college. With this in mind, Salem wants to continue offering a challenging academic standard that promotes 21st century instruction. In general, 8th grade will be considered the foundation for their spiritual and academic professional careers here at Salem Lutheran School.

At Salem, education is considered complete only if it includes both top level academics together with classes stressing good citizenship, strong moral values and examples of ethical behavior in the context of Christian teachings. “Our teachers’ goals and our parents’ goals are one and the same,” said Principal of 18 years Ghada Huleis. “We are here to support parents who want their children to grow into well-balanced adults who value achievement, service to others in need and compassion towards all.” Glendale’s Salem Lutheran School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and won the Glendale News Press Best of Glendale School Award 2014, won Principal of the Year award by Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, National Distinguished Principal award presented by National Association of Elementary School Principals.

For more information, please visit or contact the school at (818) 243-8264 or email the school at salemschooloffice@juno. com.

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