STNC Election is Over and it Was Close

For all of you that participated in or followed the STNC election last Saturday: THAT WAS A SQUEEKER! I was really impressed to see the community get polarized enough to come vote for their candidates. Everything was going pretty good for about a month before the election, then BANG! It went crazy. Arnie got busted for allegedly having marijuana at the St. Andrews Collective which he does not own, the Nina was still going around touting her non-existent newspaper, and the Cleghorn machine was receiving death threats.

We have everything necessary to write a local book we could call “The Lard Of The Flies!” (With all due respect to William Golding.) But I’m going to stand-down and give the newly elected council a chance to prove themselves. And boy, will they have to do something wonderful to undo what the STNC and the machine have done these past years.

What I find most interesting it that the newly elected (unopposed) Treasurer Ms. Shooshig S. Avakian is going to have to sort through the non-existent meeting minutes and find out WHO authorized the payment of all that money to the chamber of commerce. The NC is paying the chamber’s rent every month, and they don’t even have someone to man their office. I’m really looking forward to the new secretary to set up a way to keep the minutes honest. It can be done, but it’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out.

On the local front, we’re still having a traffic fatality a month on our streets. WE DO HAVE A LARGER POLICE PRESENCE, but they can’t be everywhere. Drug busts are up, attempted suicides and ODs are up and the transients are still migrating from one campsite to another. But the LAPD is doing something absolutely wonderful: Some of their officers are taking special training on how to contain and defuse a person with a mental problem without anyone getting injured.

So yes, boys and girls, once again we have the chance of becoming a normal community. One of our local racists, Kurt Koesler, sent me photographs of his stealing hundreds of our newspapers. He doesn’t want you to be able to read them. Cindy Cleghorn is yelling LIAR at me for stating the truth about her turning in people with display signs. There has to be some truth in how the machine has been controlling our local community – I never had someone throw bricks through my company windows or have to get restraining orders against my employees.

Think about it. Anyway, I want to congratulate the newly elected NC members. You fought a hard battle against really difficult odds, and you won. More than 1,275 people showed up to vote, and 1,223 actually voted. THAT’S INCREDIBLE. Who knows, maybe they ran out of water? LOLdeath threats

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