The Wack-Os Are At It Again

Hindenburg Park threatened by bored “community” activists

by David DeMullé

Last week, Los Angeles County put up a new sign depicting the German heritage and what the German community did to make the Crescenta Valley a great place to live. The name Hindenburg Park has been engraved on a boulder near the cooking area for as long as I can remember.

The sign is a simple sign stating “Welcome to Hindenburg Park.”

So what? you might say. Well, a group of dissidents decided that this was an affront to them because back in the 1930s, it had a Nazi youth camp and later, a few Nazi rallies were held there. The park was not set up to honor the Nazis but to honor a World War One hero and Germany’s president from 1925 to 1934, Paul von Hindenburg.

There is a plaque in the middle of the grounds that outlines the history of the German settlers in the Crescenta Valley. It has always been that way. Now a few people have created a band-wagon to claim that it has a sinister hidden agenda to praise the pre-World War II Nazis. That’s like saying that we have to shut down Sunland Park and Foothill Blvd. because the KKK had rallies there.

The new sign was erected by the Tricentennial Foundation, a German heritage organization based in the North Hills with the approval of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. Don’t we have enough problems to worry about without making new ones?

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