Is Park Full of Hot Air?

Dear Editor,

Well yeah I guess you’re right. Wack-os. I take offense sir!

First, I’m not bored. I’m actually kinda busy, fighting HSR among other things. So it only had a nazi youth camp for awhile? And only a FEW nazi rallies? And its main purpose is to honor a WWI German war hero? You do know Germany and the U.S. were at war with each other right? So you think its appropriate to honor our country’s enemies over, say, our veterans?

And your comparison with Sunland Park is seriously flawed reasoning. The more accurate comparison would be if we were trying to rename it “David Duke Park.”

So tell me how, if it was considered appropriate, at the outset of WWII, to remove the name of the man who appointed Hitler chancellor, now that we have the benefit of knowing how that came out, it would be appropriate to restore that honor? Maybe we could call it “WWII Veterans’ Park” in honor of those who fought to correct Hidenburg’s monumental political mistake that cost the world between 40 and 56 million lives?

Yup, restoring it to Hidenburg Park is wack-o alright! Clark Schickler, PO2 USN, ret. LVT

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