Patty Lopez: Neophyte No More

First-time Assemblymember listens to her constituents

by Dianalee Bartola

California’s 39th Assembly District listened intently and took lots of notes. Nearly 40 residents of the 39th voiced their concerns and gratitude April 8 at the Scalabrini Retirement Center in Sun Valley, CA. Topics included: the environment; opportunities, services and education for under-employed, homeless and children; social activities for seniors and youth.

López has proven herself to be a legislator “of the people” in the short time she’s held office. The People’s Report Card of California awarded Assemblywoman López an A+ “Courage Score.” scores legislators on how well they stand up for their constituents over special interest groups seeking to exploit the poor, disadvantaged and people of color especially when it comes to voting on critical issues.

Standing up for her constituents, López questions the viability of the estimated $60 billion High Speed Rail project and especially the Palmdale to Burbank leg. López says, “First and foremost, my responsibility is to represent the needs of the people, and to do so in a manner which takes their best interests and California’s into account. I remain united with my constituents in their opposition to a project that even in its current form, it is simply not practical.” López said April 8 that re-assigning the High Speed Rail money to a resource which the state cannot live without like water would be dollars better spent.

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