Kevin Sorbo Shares How the Christian Film Industry Has Changed and Progressed

Christian film has been ignored or rudely written off for decades, but now, the industry is getting some much deserved attention as acting, film quality, and scripts improve, according to God’s Not Dead actor Kevin Sorbo.

Sorbo, who played the character Professor Radisson in God’s Not Dead, has said that faith-based films in the past have focused too much attention to delivering a message, while ignoring the way the messages were delivered.

“I think that most people would agree that faith-based movies back in the ’70s, ’80s, and even the ’90s were very cheesy, poorly written, and poorly acted, ” said Sorbo. He continued to explain how the proselytizing approach has pushed movie-goers away because they felt that their lack of faith was being scrutinized by Christian producers.

“We live in a world where people don’t want to be told what to believe in and what not to believe in,” said the 57-year-old Christian director, actor, author and producer. He went on to explain how modern Christian filmmakers have made it a point to give the audiences what they want while still delivering the Gospel message.

Sorbo, who appeared in Soul Surfer and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and developed NBC’s Miracle Man, said that the “biggest change in the faith-based film industry is that the writing has gotten so much better, and there is now talent on both sides of the camera.

Sorbo points out that Christians are not nearly as timid as they once were about their faith and advocates action from Christians in politics and culture.

The actor particularly thanks the independent film world.

“I still get called to read for movies all the time,” Sorbo said. “I’ve shot 48 movies in the last 10 years … Hollywood doesn’t owe me anything…I can’t stop people from their immature hate. Talk about calling people racist — I’m in an industry that screams for tolerance but they have no tolerance whatsoever…”

Sorbo isn’t afraid to tackle some touchy issues, either — his latest movie Caged No More addressed sex trafficking in America. Looking ahead, he plans to star in a film about a high profile lawyer involved in a civil suit (cases which collectively cost the U.S. $233 billion), and Let There Be Light, a faith-based Christmas film.

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