The Election Isn’t Over Yet!

The election is over — well, sorta. The community mobilized for all the wrong reasons and got all the right results. The STNC has become fragmented and will either pull itself together and really help the community, or it will continue its downward spiral into oblivion.

What was accomplished was that the Cleghorn Machine became slowed down and may actually be stopping. Now don’t get me wrong, personally I like the Cindy, even though she did everything in the book to try and destroy everything The Paper created. We created and ran the only self-supporting homeless camps in S-T. She and her hitman, Joe B., shut that down by crying to the city every week. So now you have homeless people in your front yard. You can thank the Cindy for that.

I can’t even begin to count the amount of damage that she and her machine (composed of Nina Royal, Tomi-Lynn Bowling, Robin Meares, Brenda Fortune and Barbara Johnson) did to our community in trying to save it from us.

Oh well, that’s sewage under the bridge. The STNC finally is going to have to fish or cut bait to survive. Patting each other on the back and telling themselves that they “ARE THE GREATEST NC IN THE CITY” isn’t going to hack it any more.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, the machine isn’t dead, it is alive and well in our chamber of commerce that has consistently destroyed every vestige of business in our community. It’s sort of like a has-been mafia. They take your money and offer you a ribbon-cutting that nobody knows about, publishes nothing about how wonderful it is that a new business has decided to fight all odds and come here, and blocks viable tax-paying businesses that they — in their infinite reason — have deigned to be “not suitable to our community.”

One thing that the new chamber president Mike Moncrieff doesn’t understand is that I hate liars. (I know my detractors say that I and The Paper are liars — but when a liar lies, does that make it the truth?) Anyway I see no real future for him and the chamber. Everyone of any value has bailed out leaving a bunch of booze-swizzling realtors that don’t even pay their dues. The chamber could get back to its former glory if they’d just follow some common sense ideas and re-group to become something viable to the business community.

And along that line, the 4th of July fireworks is in danger of not happening because the city isn’t overly happy with them either. (Read: Machine members also destroy the credibility of the chamber.)

There is one bright shining diamond in the septic tank though: the S-T Rotary club. Against all odds, losing members to age and disagreements, and shrinking revenues, the Rotary Club is forging ahead trying to get our town back together. They are actually trying to bring back the community events we used to have. BUT, they need the community’s help to do it. The 4th of July parade is the biggest event we have left in S-T. It is also the most fun. I hope that you will all get behind it and support the parade this year. It needs you and me to make it happen to bring our divided community back together again.

And when the fire trucks roll down Foothill Blvd. spraying the crowds, you can yell out, “IT’S THE WATER!”

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