Thief Steals Generator, Threatens Resident

By David DeMullé

This thief in the night was the one who got away.

This thief in the night was the one who got away.

At 3:30 a.m. last Sunday (April 30), people slept through the sounds of this thief cutting down a lemon tree with a machete, to which the generator was chained. He stole a generator and wheel barrow from a construction site in the 10100 block of Scoville, Tujunga. With dogs barking and the neighbors finally awakened and the LAPD arrived after about 30 minutes later. They didn’t find the thief but did find his bicycle and backpack.

For some reason they declined to open the backpack and instead, left looking for him. About 2 hours later, the thief came back for his backpack, bicycle, bolt cutters and pry-bar. Neighbors videotaped him and chased him down until he threatened one of them with a claw hammer. Neighbors found the generator hidden in bushes in the next block and returned it.

The police returned about six hours later and took the report. Neighbors reported that they had seen the thief in their neighborhood during the past week. Could this be the same person who was chased through neighbors yards on Kyle a few weeks past?s

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