by Sam Samalin, PA-C

Urgent care is a good choice for wound repair. Wound repair lessens your risk of infection and heals with less scar. Always come to the clinic to evaluate your wound as soon as possible to ensure the best chances of a good outcome.

We can do most wounds unless your child won’t keep still — in which case they may need ER and sedation; if skin is missing, you may need a surgeon. Most often you will go home with an antibiotic and come back in a week or two to remove the sutures.

Wound care is done depending on whether your wound is dirty (bites or muddy/greasy) or clean (broken glass or kitchen blade.) If it’s clean, odds are we can suture it if not more than six hours old. If it’s an old or dirty wound, we may have to wait four days to see if it’s not infected and maybe we can close it then. Scalp wounds often can be stapled. Facial wounds may require that the underlying layers be sutured first to restore your natural facial expression. Some wounds can be “glued.” Nails may need to be removed to stop the bleeding under them, or they may need to be drained if they have blood under them. Insect bites may need to have the insects removed.

If you haven’t had a tetanus shot in the last five years you’ll need one.

Don’t try these things yourself, much better to come by the clinic. We can anesthetize (numb) most areas very well, and do x-rays if needed. Let us make decisions about whether, when and how to repair you wounds. Just come by as soon as they happen.

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