By: Rick Rotante

We develop true passion as we mature, if we are allowed. Enthusiasm in youth is mistaken for passion. The young rush in and allow emotions to be controlled and overrun by outside forces and circumstances, emotion disengaged from reason and thought. .

Developing true passion stems from gaining empathy and understanding of others and the world we live in; being sensitive to the needs of others; learning to appreciate life and all it offers.

Passion for creating art is necessary toward becoming a good artist. When we open up and allow ourselves to be encompassed by situations, we gain a deeper understanding which works in and through us to our work, making it stronger and exciting. Passion is strengthened when we are willing to give of ourselves and surrender to the process of creating. Creating not only art but in exploring our universe and all that is around us. Taking nothing for granted.

When we are young our developing passion is scattered and misdirected. Only when we mature and focus on something special or interesting does passion become more directed; more focused; more heartfelt. We express passion for many things throughout our life. Having an insatiable curiosity about how things are made; how things are connected and who we are. We develop a passion for ideas; we push our passion with projects that encompass our lives. Lack of passion stultifies, dulls our senses; our desire to achieve something worthwhile.

We are all born with a capacity for great passion yet there is a fear of true passion. The established order frequently rails against passionate individuals. Having great passion is dangerous and threatening. Especially to those who have had it taken away or discouraged and diverted from cultivating their passion.

We tend to narrow the meaning of passion to ideas romantic but passion encompassed much more.

Passion wanders and takes hold when we find an intense interest in a subject or person. Having passion is having an intense desire to achieve excellence. Finding out all there is to know about something and never being satisfied with the results. Always searchingkeeping the flame of passion burning.

Art encourages passion. Artists look to discover beyond the surface. See beneath the obvious. When we are allowed to encourage interest; try new things with freedom, the results many times are passionate choices.

Passion is a motivator. It becomes the driving force to move forward.

I believe art evolves through a passion for change; for something newer. A need for artists who see anew the ways the world has changed. As the world changes, so too will art. New movements will develop and thrive. Some like many that came before will be abandoned. Many others will take root and accompany us into the future. It is with passion that we will change things. Nothing worthwhile will be accomplished through apathy and indifference.

We must inspire the next generation. We must embolden, incite them to explore, with intelligence, understanding and empathy that which is still undiscovered.


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