STNC Meeting Photo Contest Results Are In!

by David DeMullé


A. Cindy Cleghorn behind Nina Royal


B. Mark Siegel


C. LAPD senior lead officer Gloria Calocia

Here are three photos from the last STNC meeting. It was such a dog and pony show that only a few good photos could be captured. It was difficult creating captions for them, so a contest was conceived and run via the Foothills Paper FaceBook site.

The person submitting the best caption won dinner for two at The Villa Terraza. Here are the winning captions:

A. “And did you see that pink-striped top on Cindy? It looks like 70s bathroom wallpaper!” (Linda Stewart)

B. “Praise the lord” by Mark. (Joan Slater)

C. “And boy you should have seen their faces when I did a cavity search on them!” (Barbara Wilson)

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