L.A. Marijuana Delivery Service Says They Will Continue to Grow Despite Orders to Cease Operation

The marijuana delivery service Speed Weed has been ordered to cease operations in the city of Los Angeles beginning next month.

In cooperation with an agreement secured by the City Attorney’s Office, the company will be required to shut down on June 6, following a lawsuit filed by City Attorney Mike Feuer. The lawsuit alleged that the company does not have immunity under Proposition D, which banned a number of marijuana businesses in the city, leaving only about 100 left in operation.

However, in a statement made to LA Weekly last week, the company in question said, “Speed Weed continues to operate and expand. This is not the end of Speed Weed in the city of Los Angeles.”

Some doubt has been cast on the finality of the agreement as the company has suggested that they have no plans of shutting down. “We intend to have our day in court,” the firm has stated.

The co-founder went on to say, “We hope Mr. Feuer will allow us to present our irrefutable evidence that with Speed Weed in business, Los Angeles in a safer, freer place.”

The City Attorney’s Office claimed that Speed Weed has been operating a delivery service that goes against Proposition D as well as running “pot-filled” distribution centers that are contrary to city law. When asked to respond to Speed Weed’s assertion that this is not over, City Attorney Spokesman Rob Wilcox simply said, “Speed Weed agreed to the judicially enforceable injunction and to halt operations in the city of L.A. on June 6. End of Story.”

Only time will tell the fate of the delivery marijuana service. While 25% of new businesses fail after their first year, at least the company can say they made it five years running.

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