Community Invited to Connect

Dear Editor and Community Stakeholders,

On Thursday, June 16, I wish to extend to you and to the entire S/T Community an invitation to attend the Homeless Connect Day at North Valley City Hall, organized by LA Council Member Felipe Fuentes, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., east of the Library,. (Entry for this event is at the rear).

Booths will disseminate information to homeless to guide them to counseling, physical and mental health programs, alcohol or drug and/or spiritual rehabilitation. Sources for food, clothing, jobs and housing will be available. The DMV will be there so folks can apply for California ID or Driver Licenses. They have a 50-80% reduction for old tickets Amnesty Program.

I’ll be there as Volunteer Homeless Advocate and S/T Neighborhood Council Homeless Representative, along with Peggy Ryder and Pattee Colvin to update and interview homeless for the purpose of entry into the Coordinated Entry System, the computer that links the needs of homeless, along with low income Veterans, families, and senior to every program and social worker throughout the City and County of Los Angeles.

Thanks to Councilman Fuentes for starting the Homeless Working Group three years ago. Dozens of homeless have received vouchers for Section VIII Housing, while others have reunited with family. Please join us and tell your story.

Amelia Anderson

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