Do You Know What Your Politicians Are Doing?

It’s the middle of the year; do you know what your politicians are doing?

I try never to take sides in politics, but this year I am going to have to set aside my differences with the electoral process. Let’s start with our local politics. Yes, boys and girls: the machinations of our local service clubs and our neighborhood council.

Past president Mark Seigel, at the last NC meeting, just kept talking and making up lies as he went along. Of course, he had an answer for everything. I mean, he’s The Cleghorn’s partner in crime. I think she started the “Absolute, poly-unsaturated lie,” knowing that only the most retarded denizen of the Big-T would believe her when she said “You can’t see the Best of Sunland-Tujunga Ballots because that Would violate the HIPA regulations!” And she thought she’d get away with it. Of course, the thenboard members all surrounded her like circling the wagons, and continued the lie. Well, that almost shut down the STNC. And it was years ago.

But for Mark Seigel, as past president, to spin the lie that Logistics Manager Ed Rock didn’t want to see anyone or receive phone calls (much less a get-well card) from the board members while he was hospitalized, well that’s almost criminal.

And the board members went along with it. Doesn’t that make you feel proud that they didn’t have the common courtesy to even try to let Ed know that they respected and missed him? Well, we have a new board now, and maybe there will be some changes. Maybe some humanity? Did anyone notice that Seigel lied about the phone bill and the brand new copier that the STNC is paying for and gave to the chamber of commerce? Right up to his last breath as president, Seigel had to fill it with lies.

Now, some of you are going to say that I am a well-known gadfly when it comes to the chamber, and that I couldn’t say anything good about them. But that is wrong. I completely supported them until their crooked acts and loss of money got so out of hand that I had to say something. We’ll ignore allegations of spousal abuse by the chamber president Mike Moncrieff and the rumors of insurance fraud. But when he lies to the community about what the chamber is going to do, and how it is going to actually help the business community, I have to make some noise about it.

These are crazy times we live in. The most hated man in S-T (no, not me) Felipe Fuentes, has been working behind the scenes to make sure our traditions continue. His giving a beautiful certificate to Ed Rock in recognition of Rock’s 12+ years of service was an incredible act of humanity. I was told that the CD-7 office is actually going to give $10,000 to the bankrupt chamber of commerce so that we can have fireworks this 4th of July. And this after Seigel pissed him off. Now that is the indication of a real man! And you can’t blame it on The Water!

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