Google Computers Can Now Write Music Just by Listening to Current Songs

Google has made history time and time again, so it’s no wonder that more than 93% of internet users begin their experience with a search engine like Google. And now the search and pay-per-click advertising giant has done it again –but this time, they’re taking on the music industry.

That’s right: Google has launched a project to use artificial intelligence to create music, which could revolutionize the way musicians use technology.

Google announced Project Magenta last Wednesday, and they aim to use it to push the limits of technology used to create music and art.

The Washington Post reports that Google has already released a song created using this technology. The song was created with a neural network loosely modeled on the human brain and fed recordings of countless different songs.

With exposure to all of these examples, the neural network soon begins to realize which note should come next in a sequence, and thus begins learning to generate entire songs on its own.

Computers are evolving faster than ever before, so much so that other scientists have begun developing computers that learn in different ways.

Computer scientists like David Roberts, an assistant professor at North Carolina State University, have modeled machines to learn like dogs, with a short-term goal of improving human interactions with technology and a long-term vision of more efficiently training service animals, Live Science reports.

These computers, like their mammal counterparts, rely on human feedback. Real dogs in training have provided scientists with valuable information about their relationships with trainers, and now that relationship is being put to the test with these computers.

Eventually, researchers hope that this will make training service dogs easier and more cost effective. In addition, Roberts said that thinks users could intuitively adjust their own behavior “to more effectively customize the behavior of their gadgets.”

Artificial intelligence is changing the way society views and interacts with computers. The song that Google’s Magenta Project released is a great indicator of how far technology has come and an indicator of how far is still left to go, as well.

The project has only just started, so the only available tools at the moment are reserved for musicians with machine learning expertise. In the future, Google hopes to produce more tools that will be useful to a larger group, including artists with limited technical experience.

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