Times Are Tough — But The Fight Club Makes You Tougher

by Karen Perdue

The Sunland Fighting Club has been a wonderful addition to our community. Do you wonder what is within the walls of the Club? This is the building with the beautiful, powerful mural of MMA legends Ronda Rousey and Floyd Mayweather painted of the side of 8461 Foothill Boulevard. Within its walls are classes in boxing, cardio, kickboxing, judo, and mixed martial arts. Under the guidance and watchful eyes of Sensei Hovik Tadevosyan and Karen Nahapetyan, students are taught concentration, self defense, discipline, confidence and respect for all people.

After shopping one day at Josey’s next door, my 11-year old granddaughter and I decided to visit the SFC. As luck would have it, a class was beginning in her age group and she was invited to join the class. She loved it!

The class began with a rigorous warm up. Then came instruction as to the best defensive position to hold her arms and the correct stance to execute a powerful kick. She was encouraged to stretch a bit further, kick higher, hit her target, and to do her best. That she did!

The work-outs and training are energizing and invigorating for children and adults alike. The smile on the cute face of the dainty girl while delivering a series of perfectly delivered punches and kicks is the same smile of the middle-aged man as he masters the same.

The Sunland Fighting Club is led by the highly renowned Docando Champion Hovik Tadevosyan. He leads by example and is very adamant in teaching the youth that although it’s essential to know how to defend yourself, the art of using words comes before using your fists.

There is palpable strength and character in the senseis’ demeanors. As I observed them interacting with their students, their enthusiasm and energy was contagious. Tadevosyan and Nahapetyan have been friends since childhood and both are committed to teach respect and honor. Tadevosyan regularly encourages those who have lost their way to be good to themselves and get back on track.

Sensei Tadevosyan began his training in Martial Arts with full contact karate in 1997. He has been honored as a world champion in martial arts three times. He received his highest achievement in Black Belt 4 DAN in 2005 and continues to strive to even higher skills to enhance the lives of others. He plans to expand to include a full gym, a dream which is coming to fruition.

Classes are offered to women, men and children beginning from three years old and up. SFC will be offering a summer camp July 13-18: a fun-filled week including beach and pool parties. For more information, please call Diana at (818) 966-1234.

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