A Halibut Catch!

Sierra Perez, a long-time resident of Sunland, went deep-sea fishing on June 24 aboard the Mirage out of Ciscos Landing in Oxnard. The Mirage traveled to its destination, Santa Rosa Island, one of the channel islands, and Sierra started fishing at 5:15 a.m. She hooked a fish that turned out to be a large halibut. Sierra fought the fish for 15 minutes before bringing it to the surface, where two deck hands used gaffs to bring it on deck.

Perez’s halibut was the first fish caught that day and it also turned out to be the largest. Deck-hand Ryan explained to her that this fish might be a women’s world record and they would need to weigh it at the dock. When the boat returned to the dock, the halibut was hung on the scale where it was said to weigh 54.5 pounds. The previous women’s record was 42 pounds. Pending the approval of the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), Perez may have set a new women’s all-tackle world record for California halibut

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