Local Twins Star in New SyFy Film, Sharknado 4

Imagine landing a leading role in a movie franchise that you’ve been a fan of. That’s exactly what happened to 9 year old identical twins Nicholas and Christopher Shone. Nick and Chris have loved the Sharknado movies since they first started in 2013 on the SyFy channel. Sharknado movies were family nights of fun and watching the unexpected. When the third movie ended last year, the boys saw the possibility of a new character for the fourth installment. Nick and Chris put it out to the universe that they wanted to be in Sharknado 4.

This past February, the boys received an e-mail from their manager, April Mills, for an audition. They quickly realized that their SyFy dream could soon become a reality. Although the audition was under a different name, the boys quickly figured out that it was for Sharknado 4. Their audition went perfectly and they soon found themselves on the set fighting sharks with Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, and David Hasselhoff. They worked at different locations throughout the Los Angeles area including a green-screen SFX studio. The boys recently saw a sneak preview of the film at a recent Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) session and are now anxiously waiting for their July 31 movie premiere at 8 p.m. on the SyFy channel.

Acting is not new to Nick and Chris. Thanks to mom, Mary, acting is in their blood. The duo landed a leading role in the 2011 made-for-TV movie, The Heart of Christmas, and have appeared in a national commercial together.

When asked what they enjoyed most about being in Sharknado 4, Chris enthusiastically replied, “I really liked being on the set and acting. I love acting!” Equally enthusiastic, Nick said, “I loved acting in the movie and being on set with my brother.”

You can follow the boys on Facebook: Nicholas and Christopher Shone; Twitter: @ShoneTwins; and Instagram: @shonetwins. They’re somewhat new to social media (which is closely watched by Mom and Dad), but would love to hear from you.

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