Pasadena POPS at the Arcadia Arboretum

The Pasadena POPs opened their 2016 season at the Arcadia Arboretum last Saturday night against a background of full throated peacocks. But nothing seems to daunt Michael Feinstein, ever.

This first concert named the “First Ladies of Song: Judy Garland, Rosemary Clooney And Peggy Lee” all had a personal involvement with Feinstein as he grew up. Feinstein like Conductor Rachel Worby before him, is a walking encyclopedia of musical facts. And what he doesn’t remember, he probably has stashed away in one of his storage rooms.

Soloists like Lynn Roberts appear to defy time. I thought I was doing pretty good at 74, but when Roberts announced that she just had her 81stbirthday, I was floored. Like Feinstein, nothing seemed possible to slow her down as she belted out a medley of Judy Garland songs.

The season continues July 9th with Michael Cavanaugh performing the music of Billy Joel under the direction of conductor Larry Blank.

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