World Patent Marketing Introduces New Pet Safety Collar

World Patent Marketing, a vertically integrated manufacturer and engineer of patented products, has recently announced the Rescue Collar, a pet invention created to protect pets from getting lost.

Lack of identification is one of the top causes of lost pets never being found, and because of it, only 14% of pets ever find their way home after being lost.

“Pets are considered part of the family and if they get lost or wonder off, their human families become frantic and utterly worried,” says Jerry Shapiro, Director of Manufacturing and World Patent Marketing Inventions. “Rescue Collar will provide an effective and quick way to locate lost pets and provide reassurance to their families.”

The Rescue Collar is created to provide added safety and security to pets in the form of a unique and effective animal tracking system.

This invention consists of an elongated band which serves as the collar, a tracking chip to easily locate the pet’s whereabouts, a locking method to keep the device in place, and a means to connect to another electronic device when tracking the animal.

This device provides pet owners with a convenient way to locate pets at all times. Electronic devices such as mobile phones can be connected to access a pet’s specific geographical location, providing reassurance to owners and additional safety to countless pets.

The issue of locating lost pets has become so problematic that the LAPD is taking steps to inform the public.

As the population of Los Angeles increases, so too does the number of pets in the area. On Saturday, July 9, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Traffic Division is planning to host the inaugural People and Pets Safety Fair.

The big event is part traffic safety lesson and part animal fair, with the aim of helping and teaching residents how to properly care for pets and keep them safe.

The event will include pet CPR lessons, animal adoptions, and a low-cost pet vaccine clinic.

“If you look at Downtown, there are so many dogs here. It’s a fantastic opportunity to look at the changing environment,” said Sgt. Kris Werner of the LAPD Central Traffic Division.

These, among other reasons, are the focus behind inventions like the Rescue Collar.

“Our pets are our family, they are a part of who we are and they help make us whole. Losing a pet is something no one wants to think about and no one wants to go through, but the facts is pets are lost and stolen more today than ever before,” says inventor Trustinj S.

“That is why I created this product, to help bring a solution to lost and stolen pets. This product gives pet owners not only the awareness and security of knowing where their loved ones are at all times, but also an insight into their pets’ current state of health, keeping them close for as long as possible.”

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