Two Robberies In One Night

by Karen Perdue

Two burglaries occurred at two separate restaurants in the early morning hours on June 21. The glass doors of My Thai and Peñas Tacos were smashed open, making entry possible for the three persons caught on video tape. It is believed the same suspects are responsible for both incidents. Both locations had surveillance cameras which captured the burglars’ images that were partially masked by hoodies, a bandana, and dust masks. They were also wearing gloves and carrying flashlights.

At My Thai in Sunland, a pest control contractor discovered their broken glass door at 3:40 a.m. The police were summoned. The restaurant was ransacked. Missing from the premises were coins for change, an older model iPhone used for playing music and an even older model iPad.

At Peñas Tacos in Sunland, the restaurant owner was in his office doing paperwork at approximately 3:50 a.m. when he heard the breaking of glass and saw three men entering his restaurant through the damaged front doors. The owner exited his office and apparently surprised the burglars. Upon being confronted by the owner’s yelling, the suspects ran out the same way they entered: through the broken front doors. They ran up the street where another surveillance camera caught the image of their car.

Both restaurants wish to extend their gratitude to the community for the concern and support upon learning of the burglaries.

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