Angels Arrive to Fix Bikes

Dear Editor,

It’s WOW JAM time again! I just saw a kid walk down the street clutching handlebars and bike wheels in hand. A candidate for an Angel Bike given out free at the festival! Everything’s free at the festival at Sunland Park on Sunday, August 6 from 1-5 pm. That’s why it’s a WOW JAM.

Free admission, music, entertainment and games. Family photos, face painting, plants and bicycle repair — not just for the kids, but for the perpetually young!

A location set up to rival Santa’s bike shop boasts forty helpers strong, inviting us to not only bring broken bikes in for transformation, but to also bring extra frames and chains, wheels and parts, not only to assist with repair, but to construct Angel Bikes for the replacement of unfixables.

Last year, George’s team fixed 114 bicycles and replaced 40 unfixables with Angel Bikes. New ones are raffled off too! Call (818) 804-1104 to donate parts or services.

A word of caution: Afternoon festivities have been known to bring smiles to the face and joy to the heart. Sponsors are a coalition of churches spearheaded by Firepoint. Guaranteed to bring a lift to one’s spirit — or your money back!

Amelia Anderson Summit Church

P.S. OOPS! What money?.

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