Everything is changed yet nothing is different!

Goes the old saying. We had an election where people were actually removed from their posts either by being un-elected or termed out. Now that sounds like a real democratic process. But when you take a closer look at the neighborhood council, you will see the machine continues behind the curtain. It doesn’t matter how much money you skim or how little it is, but corruption wherein you give yourselves non-bid printing contracts are just wrong.

Then you have the town snitch, Nina Royal, who goes around turning people she doesn’t like into the police to try and destroy their lives and make political inroads into the city politics. Not a good rap for a STNC/ Chamber of Commerce board member. But then again, who really cares?

Remember Realtor Tomi-Lynn Bowling who disgraced herself with the Church of Scientology with her bogus “Best of Sunland-Tujunga” contests? Or the church members that wrote letters of commendation and ended up having to write a letter of apology? Oh, well. That was just the scum floating on the cream of our community. They are still around, still holding back the community’s efforts to get back on its feet.

But we can work around them and their activities. We had a 4th of July parade acknowledging the community volunteers. And one month later, we found them rallying to help the Wildlife Way Station and the residents of Kagel and Lopez Canyons. This was neighbors helping neighbors. Unfortunately for them, the neighborhood council sat with their collective heads up their asses while the mountains burned.

What happened to the Nina Royal SERVEs group. What happened to the Mark Siegel Amateur Radio Group? What happened the CERT people who were supposed to rally their neighbors to help those in need? Or maybe I should ask, Where did the money go that was supposed provide for emergency services? Did it go to the same place that the machine continues to promote: the nonexistent, bogus NORTH VALLEY REPORTER?

I wonder when the lies are going to stop? When will the good people of this community tell the haters to go away and maybe actually shun them? Yes, boys and girls, these are questions that you should be asking yourselves. Our community is a vibrant one when it comes to volunteers getting things done. But it is also a community of liars that keep promoting the idea that we are really effective and respected in Los Angeles. I look at the coincidence that we ran some stories about the carnage on Foothill Blvd. and how, within a week, we had a 300 percent rise in LAPD police presence.

Who knows, maybe someone in Foothills Division reads The Foothills Paper? In any event, we got more officers patrolling than we had the entire last year. Yes we actually can make a difference. Now is the time for you to get involved with the neighborhood council. And the first thing that has to be done is to put the “Citizens Comments” at the beginning of the meeting so they can be heard. When past president Mark Siegel was actually coherent, he stated, “We put the comments at the end so people will stay to hear the presentations.” I guess the council’s egos got eroded and they were more interested in their invited guests rather than hearing what the community who elected them had to say. Not good.

Anyway, this issue celebrates our volunteers who went out and helped their neighbors — because they wanted to do so. (It should be noted that they had nothing to do with our elected STNC board.)

And it certainly wasn’t because of The Water!

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