Investigation Finds That LA Scene Tours Is Giving Out Incorrect Information

On average, home insurance costs about five percent of the home’s purchase price. But for Michael Edson, he may have to invest a little bit more in order to save his home from vandals.

See, Edson is a victim of LA Scene Tours. This popular tour bus company gives eager tourists a glimpse at the life of celebrities by showing them their houses throughout the city.

Problem is, their information is incorrect, and Edson lives to tell the tale.

An investigation at NBC 4 sent undercover reporters to LA Scene Tours in order to see if their tours were factual and correct. The team took 20 different tours, and found each tour littered with inconsistencies and lies.

On one specific tour, the bus driver incorrectly pointed out the homes of about 20 different celebrities. He even drove by the home where King of Pop Michael Jackson once lived and said “This house right here, you see the balcony? That’s where he was dangling the baby,” according to NBC4 News.

But that 2002 incident happened in Berlin, not Los Angeles.

These small little lies could seem harmless to the average tourist, but Edson does not find them funny. While digging deeper into LA Tours, reporters for NBC4 discovered that Edson is suing the tour bus company as they have falsely told tourists his home belongs to actress Julia Roberts.

Edson says that this has been a problem because he routinely gets fans showing up at his home at all hours of the night. He has woken up to graffiti and creepy messages from fans and enemies of Roberts. One crazed fan broke into his home, and left a single rose behind as a gift.

As reported to LAist, one persistent fan left Edson a note that read,

“Life is unbearable without you and my heart aches constantly. I can’t stand the pain any longer. To cleanse our love, I see your house burning in flames around us as we burn and perish hand in hand and are able to finally be together as one through all eternity. We will be together very soon.”

So when the reporters revealed themselves to LA Scene Tours and asked them why they were giving out incorrect information, all the bus driver had to say was “No. It’s really just Hollywood, that’s what it’s all about.”

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