Local Social And Service Clubs Back On Top

Can you believe it? We’re nearly to the end of the year — and what a year it has been. For all of you that questioned my comments about the local social and service clubs, you will begin to see a different side of The Paper. Now that the absolutely crooked and corrupt leaders of those organizations have either moved out or been removed, those organizations are now on solid ground again.

The Cleghorn machine continues to try to dominate the scene with its ghost members, but even that is getting dismantled. The STNC finally has some real officers that are questioning what the machine tried to push through. Can you believe it that the machine and its minions have encumbered the new board to the tune of nearly $13,000? The new treasurer who replaced Nina Royal (who can’t add 2+2 even with her shoes off) chastised the old board members and stated “We have only about $2,500 left of our funds to last the next two quarters.”

And that brings up another sore point. Ms. Royal (the town snitch) asked for $300 to run the last National Night Out. Anybody see any receipts for that? I mean, like, everything was donated. Where did the money go to? Maybe it went to create the new personal Web site for her phony North Valley Reporter “newspaper.” Oh, and did I forget to mention that she asked Cindy and the board to approve an additional $800 for the National Night Out?

Yes, boys and girls, local corruption never ceases until you cut off its fat, ugly, angry head. We just survived (for the moment) the fires to the north of us. And our Ms. Royal is the machine appointed head of SERVES, the Safety Committee and the CERT. Not one single ghost member of those groups showed up to help. NOT ONE! Oh, wait, machine member Mark Siegel showed up at the Ranch Side Café with his ham Walkie Talkie and pretended to be the communications director. Hell, more people heard him yell louder at me at the last STNC meeting than could hear his radio.

But we can now look at the bright side and look forward to everybody doing what they were elected to do. Things are looking up for the Rotary Club now that Ellis Roberts is no longer spreading past-President Mike Lucas’ lies. The Lions Club’s old guard is dead or dying off and their outrageous motto ‘THIS WAS THE BIGGEST AND BEST WE’VE EVER HAD!” is now getting more and more quiet.

The Chamber of Commerce — which has lost all credibility over the past years — has a new and vibrant leadership that is slowly seeing through all the crap that covered them for the past five years. Yup, my work here might really be coming to an end. The only thing left is the absolutely horrible traffic fatalities we have here. With the help of the LAPD, we may get those numbers lowered.

I’m not going to touch on the homeless problem that our socalled leaders created, but there really is a solution (after they dissolve the politically motivated Homeless Working Group). We really have a great community here, and with greatness comes responsibility. Arnie Abramyian is turning out to be quite the “grand old man” by pulling people together. I am really proud of him, and who knows, it might be because of the water!

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