House Fire on Garrick Delayed by “Explosions”

by David DeMullé

A house fire in the 11000 block of Garrick Ave, Lake View Terrace brought firefighters from all the local fire stations as well as ANF and a park ranger. As everyone arrived and as they were laying out water lines to fight the intense fire, sounds like popping ammunition were heard throughout the neighborhood.

Everyone backed off to a safe distance until it was determined that the sounds were coming from decorative lights in the back yard and it was safe to enter.

In talking with the neighbors, the owners came home, parked their car and took their dog for a walk. While they were gone, the car caught fire and it spread to the garage, the house and through the roof. Heavy metal security gates hampered the firefighters efforts to gain entry to the property, but with the use of cutting tools, they quickly took charge of the fire and proceeded to put it out. More than 40 LAFD firefighters took 30 minutes to put it out and an additional four hours to make sure that there were no hot spots in the property.

There were no injuries reported regarding the fire.

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