Kathy Anthony is Still Sewing Away!

Kreations is a 57-year resident of Sunland and showed an interest in sewing at a very early age. As a child she remembers that one of her favorite pastimes was watching a neighbor sew. At the age of 10 she bought her first sewing machine, an old tread-mill type that for us “old” folk was a fun thing to play with as we were growing up. One of the first things she remembers sewing was a blue skirt for herself and a friend. At that time she had little knowledge of tailoring, and had no idea that the shirts needed a kick pleat. As a result the skirt ripped when the girls climbed up the stairs, and they were sent home to change. This may have been a minor set- back, but certainly didn’t stop Kathy from continuing her sewing.

After she had children of her own, she used to make all of their clothes. Between children and her sewing, her days were filled. As her children became teenagers, and she found herself needing something to do to occupy her free time, she went looking for a job. She tried out several jobs: waitress, secretary and various other positions. Kathy never felt she was any good at these things, and always felt there was something lacking in these professions.

Being an independent person, she realized that she needed a job that was something special, and she turned to the gift God had given her: sewing. This ability must have come from the heavens because according to Kathy, she never had a lesson, she just seemed to know what to do – and often wondered just how she did know.

It was this divine guidance that, 47 years ago, led to the conception of “Kathy’s Kreations.” She started her business with only a domestic sewing machine. This marked the end of a hobby and the beginning of a career.

Kathy’s Kreations offers all types of sewing, from replacing zippers, sewing Levi patches, suits, formals, custom dresses and costumes. Throughout the year, she does alterations, repairs and tailoring. As more and more customers asked Kathy to create costumes during the summer months when business was slow, a new facet to her business began.

She now creates and sews according to her customer’s requirements with everything being made in her shop to fit everyone from infants to grandmothers.

“Being a mom-and-pop shop, you learn to be versatile,” says Kathy proudly. And it is that versatility which created Kathy’s Trees that sells high quality Christmas trees from her site at the Tile Max company parking lot across the street.

Kathy feels that she has made a decent living, made a lot of friends, and that her chosen profession has allowed her to raise her family. Her son, Art, who now runs the Crows Nest and her daughter, Diana, have given her a total of five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Kathy’s business has allowed her to be active in the community, serve as a past Chamber of Commerce president, be active with the Elks Lodge and serve as president of the American Legion Auxiliary.

All in all, this local “Sew & Sew” has had a full life and is looking forward to many more years of friendship with her many friends and customers.

Kathy’s Kreations, located at 8241 Foothill Blvd. in Sunland, is open five days a week. The phone number is (818) 353-5416 and it’s recommended that you call for an appointment.

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