Our Independent Paper Will Be Turning 12 Soon

I see that Ms. Tatulian is out banging on doors saying how bad a person I am and not to advertise with us again. It’s the same old story: she rallies her cadre of silly people that can’t make it in the real world to attack us — again. She hasn’t figured out that that doesn’t work here. Hell, I never even mentioned that Ms. Tatulian lost her bank manager’s job for insider trading in the old BidBay fraud. Or that Eddie Rivera’s band folded when he was accused of having non-consensual sex with one of its members. But what the hell, this is Sunland-Tujunga. Those things happen.

We have a newspaper that is going to be 12 years old in November. Now that’s a pretty long time for an independent local newspaper to last here. The Sentinal, The North Valley Reporter, The Star, The Boulevard and the Voice of the Village all passed into oblivion. What our detractors fail to remember is that The Foothills Paper is really about our community.

We are many things. Part serious. Part silly. It is a place where people come to read about important issues in our community. We have a Letters to the Editor section, a Perspectives section and political cartoons. And the unifying theme is that they are all about our little vortex.

Hell, we even have an Internet and a Facebook site with their own followings. And yes, sometimes I put things out there to tweak people, especially in areas like the political, cultural and ethical aspects of our so-called service clubs. I know a lot of you know or want to know gossip about things such as where our elected leaders reside, their romantic affairs and other sensitive personal business. I don’t discuss that information here. That is none of your business. I enjoy writing, and part of this enjoyment comes from being able to use The Paper to draw attention to issues that I think are interesting and merit discussion.

This is Sunland-Tujunga. There has always been and will always be matters of misconduct, ethical dilemmas, dirty politics, misappropriated funds and petty bickering. These types of issues are rampant in our community, and we should not feel ashamed to learn about them and discuss them. Part of the job of the media is to serve as a watchdog. Despicable acts by past officers of our neighborhood council and attacks on local businesses merit coverage. It is ridiculous to hear that The Paper is contributing to a problem or doing more harm than good when it reports a negative or provocative story.

I figure that there is a 1/100th of one percent of residents that comprise the group of haters in our little community. Sometimes they can really get quite rabid. In fact, that small percent has contributed to the creation of a coming “reality show” depicting their exploits.

I used to think we had some good people doing bad things here. But the reality is that we have some really bad people doing bad things that affect our community. If they could just stop hating each other, they could become quite a political force. But small people have small minds. And it will end there.

The Foothills Paper was put together to have fun and provide a platform for our service and social clubs. Look around you, for the most part THEY have gone out of business. That was not supposed to happen — but then again, when you get caught in your own lies, you get bit on the ass.

We have a real good shot at making Sunland-Tujunga whole again, and I hope you take advantage of what our local businesses have to offer. I can’t think of any other place in America that is like us. Let’s make it a fun place to be again. And yes, you can say, “It’s the water!

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