Vampire Beauty Secrets

by Terri Whiting

The aging of human skin results from a combination of a gradual decline in function. The damage and premature aging process that occurs over time to our skin accumulates with many environmental factors as well as from our own bad habits. Two of the worst habits that increase the aging process of our skin is tobacco and alcohol use. As we grow older and the years of smoking and alcohol use add up, our skin continues to accelerate the aging process at an alarming rate. Adding to aging and bad habits, we are continuously exposed to chemicals and ultraviolet (UVB) radiation. Our skin is doomed to collagen breakdown and loss of elastic tissue. All of the environmental and aging injuries to our skin result in a loss of the structure and resilience causing the skin to wrinkle.

When you are in your 30s, you start to lose some of your skin tone and the elastic support from your lymph glands. This loss of support can lead to puffiness under the eyes and the overall complexion of your skin may become blotchy with dark spots from pregnancy and sun exposure. When this happens, your skin appears less vibrant.

In your 40s, your lymphatic system starts to slow down. The lymphatic system slows and as a result of that decrease, the elastic fibers that support your lymph glands begin breaking down. This again results in puffiness around your eyes and cheeks. At this age, because of the decrease in oil production, the protective outer coating of your skin makes us even more susceptible to the environmental skin damage that occurs with pollution and smoky environments. The mid-40s is also a time when hormones are decreasing in production. Some estrogens are helpful for keeping your skin perky, tight and more youthful looking. The decrease in hormones can make your skin sag and wrinkle — especially around the lips, neck and chest.

Oh my goodness, your 50s. After all the environmental damage, hormonal imbalances, tobacco use and/or exposure, years of sun damage, add a little alcohol in there throughout the years, and its no wonder we no longer have that youthful perky skin we once took for granted. So what else can we look forward to in our fabulous 50s? Try increased areas of hyperpigmentation — also called age spots — which we develop on the arms, face and the backs of our hands. Spider veins develop, which are also a sign of damaged blood vessels by the sun and by weakening through aging. Your pores become larger and more pronounced, your skin loosens and becomes flaky, and more wrinkles are now noticeable because the skin is more dehydrated, and the collagen and elastin are weak and unsupportive. Your eyes are the window of the soul but they can’t lie when it comes to aging. Your eyelids have become hooded and wrinkled. Menopause has kicked in and now whatever estrogen stores you did have are now mixed with an imbalance of male and female hormones. If the side effects of menopause aren’t bad enough, you now have developed facial hair with the hormonal imbalance!

So…where is the magic potion, the secret of all the anti-aging services? The secret is not so secretive and you don’t need to be a Kardashian or a superstar to have access to the treatments. The answer is in your blood!

The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. The way to repair sun-damaged, aging and loose skin is by using your body’s own body to heal and repair itself: stem cells, and using your own platelets to stimulate growth factors and hormones.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an emergent treatment in dermatology and skin care. PRP uses growth factors and proteins that are naturally found in your body. Growth and remodeling of new tissue is accomplished by stem cells, growth factors and hormones which are released by your own skin with the use of your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) — also known as the Vampire Facial®.

In dermatology and cosmetic medicine, the Vampire Facelift has been used to treat acne, scarring, and alopecia (especially in women). It’s effective for tightening around the eyes (for thin crepe-like skin and fine lines) and in the cheeks and mid-face, thinning skin on the neck, jawline, back of hands, and décolleté.

For more information on the Vampire Facial® and PRP treatment, a free copy of the book, “Vampire Facelift by Charles Runels,” MD the inventor of the Vampire Facial® will be available at First Aid Urgent Care located at 7204 Foothill Blvd. Tujunga. Open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Ask for a consultation on Vampire Facial® with Terri Whiting, physician assistant.

Kim Kardashian Vampire facial

Kim Kardashian
Vampire facial

Comparison, before and after

Comparison, before and after

Face before Vampire Treatment.

Face before Vampire


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