Everyone Is Making Our Community A Better Place

Wow — has this been a hectic week with grand openings, passing of keys. Everybody seems to be doing the best they can in making our little vortex a great place to live and work.

People are starting to notice that people they know are getting killed on Foothill or La Tuna Canyon and are trying to create action groups to stop the carnage. BTW, if you want to see about 400 wrecks on one site, visit the Web site www.car-nage.com. Take a moment to make it personal; those are our friends and neighbors in those photos, after all.

After more than 12 years of negotiating, talking and just plain crying, Sunland-Tujunga is getting a community college satellite location. No one is talking about the $25 million that got disbursed to other communities, but thanks to Nina Royal, we got our share

On the other battle site, our own Krystee Clark received the keys to the old STNC logistics office and auditorium. Thank you, Herb Wesson, for making that happen! The new NC board has been making friends with the community (and enemies with the machine). Great; maybe for once we will have actual board members helping the community instead of collecting Certificates Of Appreciation and giving themselves business contracts.

I really wish that Ed Rock, long-time employee of the STNC could come back and oversee the “youngsters.”

Yes, it’s been a great week for the community. The Legion had its Casino Night and I have to say that I never saw so many seniors having the time of their life. The younger officers and members just took everything in stride and made everybody happy with casino games and great lottery prizes.

One thing that the community may have overlooked is that with the Mission College moving into the Commerce Center Plaza, it will be bringing in hundreds of people, some who live here and some who want to get an education closer to home. That means that economically, everybody wins. If you have any ideas for what types of classes you’d like to see here (both physical and Internet), just drop us a line and we’ll let them know.

We all had our earthquake scare, and fires have been running every week for the past months. Just because you feel the colder weather, don’t forget to be fire-safe. The moisture in the air is enough to spur brush growth and then the sun will make it tinder. A-B-C: Always Be Careful.

Yup, this has been a great week, and there are going to be a lot of holiday activities. Maybe this year you can stay home with the family? In any event, you can say that maybe it was the water!

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