Mother and Children Reunited!

by Karen Perdue

You may remember from our last edition there was a written plea from a woman asking for help to find her mother whom she lost contact with as a child. Terry had been searching for more than thirty years using her own researching skills and then utilizing the services of a private investigator. She was close to locating her mother finally, then began hitting one dead-end after another. She wrote to David DeMulle, editor of The Foothills Paper. She had come to learn that David knew just about everyone in town, the homed and the homeless alike.

Within a matter of hours of publishing her request, she got a lead in which she describes “the newspaper did the trick.” One person talked to another, which led to the area where her mother, “Sepulveda,” resides. She had been homeless for most of her adult life, some of that time spent in the Sunland-Tujunga area.

Her mother met the father of her children, Bob while in her teens at the height of the hippie era. Peace, love and acid flowed freely. As with many people during that time, it took it’s toll on people and had it’s dark side. Hushed family stories of her fathers association with Timothy Leary and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love could possibly explain why Bob fled with his children to Maryland, and forcing her mother, Sepulveda, into a psychiatric institution. The Brotherhood of Eternal Love was referred as the “Hippie Mafia” with the manufacturing and distribution of the legendary “Orange Sunshine” LSD in the hopes of starting a “psychedelic revolution” in the United States. LSD was not illegal at that time.

Bob’s departure to Maryland with his children coincides with Timothy Leary’s legal problems, his subsequent jail break and being smuggled out of the country. Bob and his two brothers moved out of California at the same time with hushed tales later told of John Fogerty and Janis Joplin. The brothers are now deceased. With them went many unanswered questions, and secrets never to be revealed.

Terry’s mother is now 70 years-old and lives happily in a structured environment. Their reunion was “instant and fabulous” and felt like family immediately. Sepulveda holds much of the family history, beginning with her grandmother’s time of Irish Freedom Fighters and Nazi life in Germany to present time. They all look forward to making up for lost time, mending hearts, coming to terms with their past and spending time together in the future.

Terry had always felt a “pull towards my mom” and can remember crying and yearning for her mother as a child. She may never know the full reason her father removed her and her siblings from her mother. It was not uncommon for a spouse to ask authorities to lock the other spouse up out of spite at the time. Before his death, her father admitted that he did not treat her mother well.

Her parents were both raised in extraordinarily abusive environments. Perhaps as a young couple they were seeking peace and love for themselves. They did not find it through the promised LSD, cocaine, or marijuana. That is as true now, as it was then.

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